12th Model SPR MBS (MK12)


5.56MM Precision Suppressors

This model attaches to the weapon via a patented muzzle brake and an adapter that goes over the barrel for silencer alignment. When fired without the suppressor the muzzle brake effectively reduces recoil and muzzle climb while diverting muzzle gasses slightly forward, away from the shooter. The muzzle brake design eliminates upward and downward blast while reducing muzzle flash. The suppressor mounts via threads on the outside of the muzzle brake centering on the adapter fitting. A 20 degree taper on the adapter locks the silencer onto the barrel. On the M4, this fitting stops forward of the M203 cutout, allowing the mounting and use of the M203.


Technical Description

Caliber 5.56mm / .223 caliber
Diameter 1.5 inches
Length past brake 5 inches
Length past muzzle 6.25 inches
Overall length 8.7/8 inches
Weight 21 ounces
Construction Fusion welded 300 series stainless steel
Endurance Meets SOPMOD objective of 30,000 rounds under various firing schedules


Note: dB will be close or less than 40 dB

Additional Photos

12th Model SPR MBS 12th Model SPR MBS





12th Model SPR MBS