3rd Model .30 Caliber

3rd Model PSS Medium Weight Barrel MBS

7.62mm Precision Rifle Suppressors

This suppressor has been a production item, with improvements, since 1988. The device protrudes past the end of the barrel 7.25 inches and goes back over the barrel locking onto a precisely machined taper that is used in conjunction with a threaded muzzle to align and secure the device to the weapon. Once the barrel is machined for the suppressor, no tools are required to remove or install the MBS to the weapon.


Technical Description

Caliber 7.62mm / .30 caliber
Diameter 1.5 inches
Length past muzzle 7.25 inches
Overall length 12.5 inches
Weight 31 ounces
Construction Fusion welded 300 series stainless steel
Sound attenuation 40 dB
Endurance Exceeds 30,000 rounds undr various firing schedules.


Note: An average increase in accuracy of .25 MOA as well as a 20 to 50 feet per second increase in velocity was measured during testing of this suppressor.

Additional Photos

3rd Model .30 Caliber 3rd Model .30 Caliber




3rd Model .30 Caliber 3rd Model .30 Caliber