3rd Model 5.56mm

3rd Model 5.56mm

Carbine Muzzle Brake Suppressors

This suppressor has been a production item, with improvements, since 1987. The device attaches directly to the .5"-28 TPI barrel thread and protrudes past the end of the barrel 5 inches and goes back over the barrel to a point in front of the bayonet lug. A barrel fitting that attaches to the barrel near the front sight assembly, this is used in conjunction with the threaded muzzle to align and secure the device to the weapon. Once the barrel fitting is installed, no tools are required to remove or install the MBS to the weapon. The 24 oz weight of the device is offset by 2 oz totaling a 22oz gain. The weight offset is due to the flash hider being removed from the weapon.


Technical Description

Caliber 5.56mm / .223 caliber
Diameter 1.5 inches
Length past muzzle 5 inches
Overall length 10 inches
Weight 24 ounces
Construction Fusion welded 300 series stainless steel
Endurance Meets SOPMOD objective of 30,000 rounds under various firing schedules.


Note: Currently these devices have surpassd 90,000 rounds operational use without failure. The actual round count is greater, although accurate firing records have only been maintained to this point.

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3rd Model 5.56mm